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Hong Kong Secrets

This post is all about the little tips people have either given me or I have found out myself during the past two years.  Don’t worry i’ll be adding to this list over time, but for now I hope you find these useful;

  1. Get an Octopus Card (http://www.octopus.com.hk/home/en/index.html), if you’ve lived in London you’ll be familiar with the Oyster Card system, well the Octopus system is better.  Not only can you use it on all forms of public transport but you can also use it to buy and pay for numerous items and services – and it can save you money.  If you like you can also link your Octopus Card to your Hong Kong Credit Card, which enables automatic top-up; but beware you may find yourself spending more than you bargained for.

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At some point in every endeavor there comes a time when you stop and think “did I do the right thing?”, I am sure that this thought will go through my head more than once on this little adventure of ours, however this particular instance is centred on the fact that we are now homeless, a reality that was really quite predictable but nonetheless still very distressing.  Having given notice on our beautiful London house we had to move out, even though we are still waiting on Hong Kong immigration to approve our visa application, a process that has now taken six weeks and could feasibly take another six weeks. The thought of another six weeks of homelessness is causing my already high stress level to go through the roof.  We have, however, had a rather nice week looking after a friend’s house (and dog) but it’s not quite the same as having your own space.  I do hope the visa is approved soon…..

Hello world!

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Hello and welcome to Hong Kong Tales.

So here I am, one man on the brink of adventures unknown, about to begin a new life in an alien land.  This blog, I hope, will record my escapades as I start a new job in a city I have never seen, giving an insight for friends and family into life in Hong Kong and hopefully providing some tips and advice for any future explorers as they too begin their quest for adventure…